Taylor is a columnist and contributing editor for Filmmaker Magazine. She’s published more than 100 interviews and features for the online and print magazine. Her column on emerging women in film is called Persona Project. [Author Page]





“There’s a simple definition of producing that mostly has to do with developing and financing a production, overseeing the shoot, protecting a vision. But scratch a little deeper, […]

by Taylor Hess on Dec 17, 2018


“There’s an ambition that comes with wanting to work for Harvey Weinstein. Every day that I worked for The Weinstein Company I woke up with fear. You rationalize it as normal, […]

by Taylor Hess on Dec 14, 2017


I can’t keep beating around the bush because I’ll eventually run out of bushes to beat around,” sighs Mya Taylor. We’ve just spent 90 minutes together in her hotel room […]

by Taylor Hess on Oct 29, 2015


When I meet Tippi Hedren in Vienna, we’re with a handful of other journalists for nearly an hour-long roundtable interview. There are less than ten of us, but after a series of […]

by Taylor Hess on Sept 6, 2016


Persona Project Column


When she was growing up in Virginia Beach, Gabriella Moses was often confused for her best friend. Brown-skinned with glasses, […]

by Taylor Hess on Jun 20, 2017


In Weiner, Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg’s documentary about Anthony Weiner’s attempted political comeback running for New York mayor, there’s […]

by Taylor Hess on Jan 17, 2017


In 1996, Chris Kraus traveled to Germany to attend the Berlin Film Festival. Even though the Berlinale rejected her experimental film, she was invited to screen it at the […]

by Taylor Hess on Aug 16, 2016